Himalayan Salt Chunks 1000 grams

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Natural Himalayan Salt Crystals from 30 tot 70mm. 100% natural & edible salt chunks. Webshop natural products. Read more
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HIMALAYA SALT CHunks 1000 grams


Pure natural Himalayan Salt Chunks (Salt Crystals) in a sealed and resealable stand-up pouch, suitable for consumption.

These Himalayan salt chunks are 100% natural salt crystals without any kind of additives.




  • Content: 1000 grams
  • Size: about 30 to 70 mm
  • Suitable for food
  • Dissolves slowly in water
  • 100% Natural and unrefined
  • Rich in trace elements and minerals
  • Suitable for consumption




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To use in the kitchen:

Pink Himalayan Salt is an unrefined and pure rock salt from the HimalayaMountains. The presence of numerous trace elements and natural minerals such as copper and iron gives this salt its typical beautiful pink color.

Himalayan Salt has a rich, refined taste and is a delicious seasoning for all your dishes!



To make a salt solution (Sole):

Dissolve the Himalayan Salt Chunks in drinking water, it takes 12 to 24 hours before the water reaches the maximum concentration. This is highly dependent on the ambient temperature.

Drinking a Himalayan salt water solution (Sole) positively hydrates the body with no less than 84 minerals.



For wellness purposes:

Himalayan salt is often used in aroma burners, in the sauna, sauna shower, on herb bowls and salt lamps or for decoration. Inhaling the salty air has a beneficial effect on the respiratory tract and a positive effect on the skin.

In the sauna it is recommended to place the Himalayan salt chunks in a hanging dish. When infused in the sauna, the hot water vapor passes the salt chunks and the vapor absorbs the Himalayan salt crystals, which are absorbed through the skin and breathing of the sauna visitor. You can also let the salt chunks evaporate directly in water and/or place them between the sauna stones as long as no pouring takes place.



For therapeutic purposes:

These natural Pink Himalayan Salt Chunks are ideal for clearing negative or stagnant energies from space, your aura or crystals.
Use them to clean the room by placing them around the room.

Enjoy a purifying salt bath: dissolve the salt chunks half an hour in advance in a half full bath with warm water. Once the salt has dissolved, bring the bath to 37°C. Do not dry the body after the bath, but dab it or let it dry.





Keep tightly closed in a cool, dry place.

Moisture sensitive product, salt naturally attracts moisture.

Unlimited shelf life




Why choose natural salts?

The only salt that the body can really digest, absorb and use is natural sea salt or rock salt. The big difference is that these special salts are not refined after extraction, so the naturally present minerals, such as calcium and magnesium, are preserved.

Unrefined salt has a very special composition, which makes it a perfect match for the composition of our body fluids, such as blood and cell fluid. Our body consists for a large part of salt water. Salt is vital, we need it to survive. It regulates the water balance and kidney function and it makes an important contribution to the information transfer in the nerves.

Salt is one of the basic components of the body. The salt permeates the body in the same way as the seawater, which makes salt all over the world. Salt is the essence of all that exists.




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