Himalayan Salt Lamp 10 to 12kg, natural shape

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Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp Large Size between 10 and 12 kilograms. Cord with a european plug, switch, fitting E14 and light bulb 15W included. Suitable for a 200-230V voltage. Read more
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Large Size 10 to 12kg

Natural Form

Including Cord with plug & switch + Light Bulb 25W



LARGE SIZED HIMALAYAN SALT LAMP in it's natural shape, weighing between 10 and 12 kilograms, originating from the Pakistani Himalaya Mountains. All Natural Bio Store salt lamps are ready to use and are supplied with a cord with European plug, switch, fitting E14 and matching light bulb.

The supplied cord is at least 1 meter long and is suitable for use on a 200-230 Volt mains voltage. The included light bulb can also be replaced very easily.






The specified dimensions and images are indicative.

Because salt lamps in their natural form are mined by hand, each lamp is unique in shape and color. For this reason, the size of salt lamps is expressed in weight and not in dimensions.

The color can vary from light pink to deep dark pink.


  • Height: about 30 to 40cm.
  • Diameter: about 25 to 30cm






A Himalayan Salt Lamp is a beautiful decorative mood lamp for indoors, made of a hollowed-out block of crystallized Himalayan salt that is then attached to a wooden base. A cavity has been drilled at the bottom of the lamp in which the light point can be placed. The light bulb inside heats the salt lamp. Because of the distinctive pink hues of Pink Himalayan salt, the Himalayan salt lamps radiate a beautiful soothing pink-reddish glow!

A Himalayan Salt Lamp is not only a beautiful decorative light source that immediately creates a pleasant atmosphere, these lamps also have many advantages and positive properties. This is also the reason that more and more people are bringing these lamps into their homes.






Himalayan Salt Lamps are available in many sizes and shapes. For example, salt lamps are also cut into various beautiful shapes, because more manual work is involved, they are generally also slightly more expensive.

A well-known variation on Himalayan Salt Lamps are the Himalayan Salt Stone Tea Light Holders, these are also available in natural form and in machined, cut shapes.






The beautiful Himalayan salt lamps not only add a pleasant atmosphere to the dingy corners of your home, but also act as air purifiers. They attract the moisture from the air and the heat on the surface causes the water to evaporate quickly.

The evaporation process creates negative ions that react with, among other things, radiation factors, pollen, dust, dirt, pollutants and allergens that carry a positive charge. Himalaya salt lamps bring peace and atmosphere and convert harmful positive ions from radiation factors from Wifi, PC, GSM, wireless and polluted air particles into negative ions.

The salt lamp purifies radiation influences and protects people who are sensitive to them better. Due to the positive effects of this natural salt stone you will immediately experience more peace in the house.






  • ✔ Hand-mined from natural crystallized Himalayan salt crystal.
  • ✔ Has strong purifying properties.
  • ✔ Balances the living space.
  • ✔ Ready for use: Lamp, cable of at least 1 meter with lamp holder, plug and switch included.
  • ✔Weight between 1.3 and 2 kilograms.
  • ✔ Beautiful decorative and cozy mood lighting.
  • ✔Absorbs moisture from the environment, has an air-dehumidifying function.






The Himalayan Salt Lamp absorbs the positive ions and produces negative ions that purify the air, resulting in better air quality and a more pleasant living environment. The harmful positive ions from, for example, electronic equipment and radiation from mobile phones disappear from the air and the living space is thus brought into balance. The heat that comes from the light source (lamp or candle) causes the salt of the lamp to become warmer than the air around it, which attracts the water molecules in the air. The water condenses on the crystal surface of the lamp. The positive ions remain on the lamp and the negative ions are released into the air. The air is then purified of the positive ions and contains only the negative ions that mainly consist of oxygen. It's like a window that is open, a natural source of fresh, clean air in the living space!


  • What are Positive Ions?

Although the name suggests otherwise, positive ions create anything but positivity in your home. Positive ions are created by polluted air particles, especially when using devices such as a microwave, vacuum cleaner, mobile phones, tablets, television, air conditioning, etc ... These devices cause a change in the air that hinders us during the breathe and make us cough or sneeze. Too many positive ions in the living environment can make you feel very tired, because these ions make you lifeless. Positive ions can also contribute to stress, difficulty concentrating, trouble sleeping, migraines, lung problems and asthma. Allergens, bacteria and fungi often have a positive charge and can therefore be neutralized by the negative ions.


  • What are negative ions?

Negative ions can neutralize positive ions and help clean the air. Negative ions are created by natural phenomena, for example by a waterfall, wind, a thunderstorm or a lightning bolt charges our body considerably. Many published articles and scientific studies report how negative ions in the air can have positive effects.






Beware of pets, they sometimes dare to lick a salt lamp. Multiple licking can cause "excess salt" to enter the body. The salt of a Himalayan Salt Lamp is not suitable for consumption.





The best place to get a Himalayan Salt Lamp is in a place where you often sit, relax, rest and / or meditate. The color of the salt lamp makes you very calm and gives a relaxed feeling. The lamp also works very well next to a computer or television because of the positive ions created by these electrical devices.

Himalayan Salt lamps can absorb moisture from the environment, making it look like the lamps "sweat". Salt lamps are naturally hygroscopic, which means that they absorb moisture from the air. So the higher the humidity, the more the lamp will sweat. When you light the lamp or candle again, the heat will dry it again. It is important to take into account the size of the lamp: it is generally accepted that 500 grams of salt should be sufficient for 6 cubic meters of living space.






Gently dust off with a slightly damp dishcloth.

Never immerse the lamp in water!



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