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Himalayan Salt Blocks and Salt Lamps directly from the salt mines in the Pakistani Himalayan region and are made of crystallized salt stone from Himalayan salt, or also often called halite. This halite is millions of years old and is hand-mined from the Pakistani Himalayan mountain range. These stones are 100% natural & unrefined and have a beautiful pink marbled color.

Himalayan Salt Blocks have many applications: they are used, among other things, to manufacture salt lamps, tealight holders, jewelery and aroma burners, they can also be used in the kitchen to keep food cool or warm longer or as an alternative to a stone grill on the table.





The Himalayan Salt Lamps from NATURAL BIO STORE Finest Selection are supplied with fitting, light bulb and cord with switch and power plug suitable for use at 210-230 volts.

A Himalayan Salt Lamp has many advantages, this is also the reason that more and more people get this lamp. Because of the positive effects of this salt stone you will experience more peace in your home. Himalayan salt lamps are made of crystallized salt stone from Himalayan salt. This unrefined salt is millions of years old and is hand-mined from the Pakistani Himalayan mountain range.

This natural unrefined salt is high in sodium chloride and has many positive effects on the human body. According to various sources it detoxifies your body, supports you with good breathing and gives you a relaxed feeling. Halotherapy or Salt Therapy is a well-known ritual from ancient times with which one cleans the environment and the body through Pink Himalayan Salt. This salt therapy seems to help against aging, skin diseases such as psoriasis and eczema, ear infections, bronchitis, colds, asthma and insomnia. It is known worldwide that Himalaya Salt has many positive qualities. Himalayan salt lamps are also visually very attractive and are available in a variety of shapes and sizes.





The Himalayan Salt Lamp absorbs the positive ions and produces negative ions that purify the air, resulting in better air quality and thus a finer living environment. The harmful positive ions of electronic equipment, for example, disappear from the air and the living space is brought into balance. The heat coming from the light source (light or candle) causes the salt of the lamp to become warmer than the air around it, so the water molecules are attracted to the air. The water condenses on the crystal surface of the lamp. The positive ions remain on the lamp and the negative ions return to the air. The air is then purified from the positive ions and only contains the negative ions that mainly consist of oxygen. It is like a window that is open, a natural source of fresh, clean air in the living space!


  • What are positive ions?

Although the name suggests otherwise, positive ions create everything but positivity in your home. Positive ions mainly arise when using devices such as a microwave, vacuum cleaner, mobile phones, tablets, television, air conditioning, etc ... These devices cause a change in the air which hinders us during breathing and can cause to cough or sneeze. Too many positive ions in the living environment can make you feel very tired, because these ions make you feel lethargic. Positive ions can also contribute to stress, concentration problems, difficulty sleeping, migraine, lung problems and asthma. Allergens, bacteria, fungi often have a positive charge and can therefore be neutralized by the negative ions.


  • What are negative ions?

Negative ions can neutralize positive ions and help to clean the air. Negative ions are created by natural phenomena, for example by a waterfall, wind, a thunderstorm or a lightning bolt loads our body considerably. Many published articles and scientific studies report how the negative ions in the air can have positive effects.





The best place for a Himalayan Salt Lamp is in a place where you often relax or meditate. The color of the salt lamp makes you very calm and gives a relaxed feeling. The lamp also works very well next to a computer or television because of the positive ions that these electric devices create.

Himalayan Salt lamps can absorb moisture from the environment, making it seem like the lamps "sweat". Salt lamps are naturally hygroscopic, that is, they absorb the moisture from the air. So the higher the humidity, the more the lamp will sweat.

If you light it again, it will dry again by the heat.

It is important to take into account the size of the lamp:
it is generally assumed that 500 grams of salt must be sufficient for 6 cubic meters of living space.





Gently dust off with a slightly humid dishcloth.

Never immerse the lamp in water or in the dish washer!




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