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Posted on 15-07-2020
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Pink Himalayan Salt coarse 450 grams (sealed & resealable bag)

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Pink Himalayan Salt contains many trace elements and minerals such as calcium, sulphates, zinc, magnesium, iodine and much more. In total we find more than 84 nutrients in the Pink Himalayan Salt. Read more
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Roze Himalaya Zout






Coarse 2-5mm



Pink Himalayan Salt is a pure and unrefined natural salt that comes from the primeval seas that occurred millions of years ago in the Himalayas of Pakistan. This salt has been extracted for years and belongs to the most natural and pure species. It is considered the most nutritious salt in the world!

Pink Himalayan Salt contains many trace elements and minerals such as calcium, sulphates, zinc, magnesium, iodine and much more. These rich minerals give the salt its characteristic pink color. In total we find more than 84 nutrients in the Pink Himalayan Salt.

Pink Himalayan salt is also suitable for wellness purposes: a Himalayan salt bath has a detoxifying effect and is a true pleasure! The minerals stimulate blood circulation and soothe aching muscles.





The only salt that the body can digest, absorb and use is unrefined sea salt or rock salt. The big difference is that these special salts are not refined after extraction, so the naturally occurring minerals such as calcium and magnesium are retained. Unrefined salt has a very special composition, making it perfectly suited to the composition of our body fluids, such as blood and cellular fluid.

Himalayan salt traditionally counts as exceptionally expensive and medicinal in the area of ​​origin. According to tradition, it comes from the primeval water at the time of the creation of heaven and earth. Deep in the interior of the Himalayas this primordial water was transformed into salt crystal in which this creative power is stored. This salt mine appears to perfectly match the scientific facts. Life originated in the water, the so-called primal soup. The primeval soup or primeval sea contained the building materials of life, the elements from which our bodies still exist. The Himalayan salt comes from the dried up parts of the primeval sea and contains the elements of life in their original composition and proportion.

Our body consists for the most part of water and salt. In addition to water and oxygen, salt is indispensable and essential for the body: the combination of water, salt and minerals forms the basis of our health. But salt only works when it is absorbed by the body. Sodium chloride, or simply common salt, is a chemical that is not absorbed, but that is charged to the body. Because of this, we can have a shortage of salt, however salt we eat. Pink Himalayan Salt is an unrefined salt and perfectly natural. It has retained all its original elements and is just as important: Himalaya Salt is completely absorbable!


Pink Himalayan Salt Coarse is now also available in handy refillable salt grinders!





  • Contributes to the detoxification of the body.
  • Pink Himalayan Salt has a lower sodium content than the normal kitchen salt.
  • Rich in trace elements and minerals.
  • Also suitable for use in steam bath, salt bath or sauna.
  • 100% Pure unrefined natural salt.





100% natural rock salt without any form of additives.



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