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Founded in 1920 by Emile Noël, master miller, built almost 50 years by Emile Noël junior, his son, founder of the brand, continued the history of our oil mill under the direction of his daughter Annick Garnier and continues today to the fourth generation with David Garnier. Emile Noël was the first oil mill in France to hit organic agricultural products in 1972.

Emile Noël is much more than a name on a label with organic oil, passionate and demanding, he has dedicated his whole life to oil and today future generations have always adopted the same passion and desire to offer the best product. It is traveling around the world, always looking for new raw materials that are grown organically, that the oil mill has been able to develop an original and varied assortment with excellent flavors and nutritional qualities. The product is followed during the entire production process, from the raw material sample for the purchase to the storage of the end product.

The production of Emile Noël remains dominated by local alliances with people and their terroirs, and through short supply chains. During the purchase process, Emile Noël takes into account respect for the earth and the people who cultivate it. From plants to bottling, Emile Noël remains committed to a responsible and sustainable development approach on every continent.




The traditional production process used by Emile Noël is traditional and old using old, carefully maintained screw presses to extract the oil slowly and carefully. 2 to 14 kg of raw material is needed to produce one liter of oil, depending on the type of seed used.

At Emile Noël, every effort is made to preserve the nutritional and organoleptic properties of the raw material. The organic oils of the Emile Noël brand are manufactured using mechanical processes, first cold-pressed without any chemical treatment. The presses used go back to the beginning of the mill in 1960, these are in excellent condition and work perfectly. The presses work with a worm gear mechanism, which rotates very slowly at a temperature lower than 60 ° C. This minimizes the warming of the raw materials, which in this way have time to flow slowly. Manufactured with a passion that respects traditional craftsmanship, the oils of the first cold pressing retain the full nutritional value of fatty acids and vitamins. Naturally and authentically they deliver the taste and finesse of the fruit or seed from which they originate. In other words, the traditional production processes that characterize Emile Noël oils make it possible to combine goodness and excellent taste in your food and cooking.




The BIOPARTENAIRE® label on Emile Noël products offers a guarantee for the consumer, thanks to the company's dedication to 7 key areas:

  •     Comply with biological regulations
  •     Contracts for mutual commitments in the supply chain.
  •     Ensure a fair income for local producers.
  •     Boost the local economy through a joint development program.
  •     Establish a continuous dialogue and build solidarity between partners.
  •     Contributing to a future-oriented social environmental policy.
  •     Reserve special products for specialized channels.


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