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Kwalitatief goed product en steeds op tijd geleverd.

Posted on 20-05-2019
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Ik ben super tevreden met mijn herbruikbare pot, ik de vlokken in bulk zakken van 25 kilo en vul mijn pot steeds bij, handig!

Posted on 20-05-2019
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Relaxing Himalayan Magnesium Flakes 1kg

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100% Natural Himalayan Magnesium Flakes for in the bath, in the foot bath and for wellness purposes. A bath with Himalayan Magnesium flakes, a real treat for body and soul! Read more
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100% Natural Himalayan Magnesium Flakes for the bath, in the foot bath and for wellness purposes. A bath with Himalayan Magnesium flakes, a real treat for body and soul!

Enjoy a relaxing bath at home and increase your magnesium content easily and effectively.

Relaxing Magnesium Flakes contribute to supple muscles and joints, more energy, a healthy sleep pattern and to supplementing a possible magnesium deficiency in our diet. A bath with Magnesium Flakes has a relaxing effect, ensures complete relaxation and is very pleasant and effective at bedtime!


Himalayan Magnesium Flakes are also available in 25kg bulk bags!


Himalayan Magnesium Flakes are extremely suitable for people with sensitive skin and / or skin problems such as psoriasis. They can tolerate a foot bath or a bath with magnesium flakes much better. A bath has the additional advantage that the entire body comes into contact with the magnesium.

You immediately notice the difference when you use Himalayan Magnesium Flakes, you are faster in balance, you get energy faster and you just feel better. Himalayan magnesium chloride is a unique wind and sun dried magnesium chloride and therefore particularly soft and pleasant for the skin.

Magnesium Flakes are salt crystals of pure magnesium chloride, this form is most suitable for absorption through the skin. Himalayan Magnesium is a magnesium chloride of unprecedented purity with a high energetic value, purely from nature as our body needs it! Himalayan Magnesium is the purest form of magnesium available on this planet that requires no purification or refining after extraction.





1000 grams of 100% natural Himalayan Magnesium Flakes in a reusable plastic jar with screw cap.





Dissolve 250 to 1000 grams of Himalayan Magnesium Flakes in a warm bath at 37 ° C.

Relax 1 or 2 times a week for about 20 to 30 minutes.

For pregnancy maximum 500 grams in a warm bath of maximum 36 ° C (no warmer than your own body temperature).

For a 5 liter foot bath: dissolve 250 to 500 grams of Himalayan Magnesium Flakes and relax for 20 minutes. For pregnancy: a maximum of 250 grams in a foot bath of a maximum of 36 ° C.



  • Ask a doctor for advice if you suffer from an illness, are receiving medical treatment, are pregnant or breastfeeding or if you have sensitive skin.
  • Do not use on open wounds.
  • Avoid contact with eyes.
  • In the event of irritation, rinse with water.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Not suitable for consumption.

Himalayan Magnesium Flakes are very sensitive to moisture: keep tightly closed in a dry place.




  • Gives energy, relaxes muscles, relieves muscle pain and contributes to a good night's rest.
  • A magnesium bath provides complete relaxation and is very pleasant and effective at bedtime.
  • Himalayan Magnesium Flakes are 100% natural, pure, pure and unrefined.
  • Magnesium is an essential macromineral and electrolyte that is present in all cells of the human body.
  • Magnesium Flakes are the ideal way to absorb magnesium through the skin, because not everything is absorbed through the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Magnesium is important for energy production, it also has a positive effect on feelings of pain and anxiety.
  • Magnesium promotes strength, endurance and it provides deep muscle relaxation so that complete recovery can take place in the muscle tissues.




Himalayan Magnesium chloride is extracted on the Tibetan plateau, surrounded by nature and far away from the pollution. The average height of this plateau is 4500 meters and is the most important eco-area on earth. The climate and inhospitability make the area one of the least inhabited places on earth. There is no agriculture, no industry and therefore no polluted water and / or contaminated agricultural land.

The magnesium salts that come from great depths from the Himalayas are extracted with great care by hand. This extraction process is centuries old and comparable to the extraction of sun-dried Celtic sea salts. This method of extraction is many times more environmentally friendly and ecological than "industrial extraction".

The Magnesium Flakes from the Himalayas comes from a very great depth. During the creation of the Himalayan mountains, primeval seas were enclosed and evaporated, leaving behind the magnesium salt. Himalayan magnesium is therefore millions of years old and dates from a time when humans had no negative influence on nature. Rivers that find their way through the Himalayas dissolve this magnesium salt, it slowly seeps up through porous rock under pressure and forms the lakes on the high mountains. The porous rock is a natural filter that removes any contamination (sand, rock, etc.). That is why Himalayan magnesium is the purest unrefined magnesium in the world, which means it contains the most elements of life in their original composition and proportion.

The sun that shines at least 8 hours a day in Tibet and is very intense because of the high altitude has a very positive influence on the drying and evaporation process and therefore partly determines the high quality and the special properties of this magnesium. Magnesium salts are the product of the interaction between sunlight and water.





Did you know that 7 out of 10 people suffer from magnesium deficiency? That is very much and such a shortage has consequences for your body. You feel lifeless and tired and your energy level is below par.

Magnesium is important for energy production, it also has a positive effect on feelings of pain and anxiety. If you have insufficient magnesium in your body, it can lead to a reduced resistance, brittle nails and brittle hair.

The consequences of a magnesium deficiency

Symptoms that may indicate magnesium deficiency are:
stress, muscle cramps, trembling of the eyelid, being tired quickly, being emotional or irritable, energy shortage, headache, gnashing teeth, sensitivity to noise, cold hands or feet and so on.


Possible causes of a magnesium deficiency:

Phosphates in dark colored puncture lemonade such as cola bind to magnesium. Drinking too much cola can lead to a magnesium deficiency.

Sugar in cakes, sweets and cookies ensures that you pee more magnesium from it. Eating too much sugar can lead to a magnesium deficiency.

Stress conditions require more magnesium for the brain. Stress can lead to a deficiency of this mineral.

Caffeine causes the kidneys to excrete more magnesium. A surplus of caffeinated drinks such as strong coffee, energy drinks and too much tea can lead to a magnesium deficiency.

Water tablets, heart medication, contraceptive pill and asthma medications have proven to lower magnesium levels in the body so that you can get sick from a magnesium deficiency.

Alcohol consumption, especially excessive alcohol abuse, drastically lowers the mineral content, resulting in a magnesium deficiency. More than seven alcohol drinks per week is harmful to magnesium levels.

Calcium supplements are always a bad choice anyway and lead directly to weak bones, according to the latest scientific insights. But it can also lead to a magnesium deficiency.





Magnesium is a component of countless enzymes and an activator in more than 300 metabolic reactions! This includes cell growth, cell division, energy production, protein synthesis and cell membrane protection.

Magnesium is the counterpart or antagonist of calcium; together they regulate countless neurotransmitters. These are signal-transferring substances that transfer nerve impulses between nerve cells. Magnesium is therefore also crucial for your muscles; skeletal muscles as well as heart muscle, lung muscles, stomach muscle, intestinal muscles etc. Where calcium causes muscle contraction, magnesium is responsible for muscle relaxation. Magnesium is therefore also essential for an optimal heart rhythm, healthy blood pressure and brain functionality. Every body cell needs magnesium; without magnesium your nerves, muscles, brain and heart cannot function.

Although magnesium is found in numerous foods, not all magnesium suppliers are equally rich in magnesium. The use of plant protection products, pest control products and fertilizers in particular affect magnesium in soil and groundwater. In general, organically or organically grown products are therefore richer in magnesium than the "normal" varieties.

Note: unbound magnesium easily bonds with phytate (inter alia in cereals), oxalate (inter alia in rhubarb), phosphates (inter alia in milk) and methylamines (inter alia in food additives), so that it can no longer be absorbed by your body.

In particular, an excessive consumption of refined grains can stand in the way of optimum magnesium status.

The best sources of magnesium are green vegetables, seafood, grains, dairy products, dried fruits and sea vegetables.

Every cell in the body needs enough magnesium to function, otherwise the cell dies. Soft tissue, such as the eyes, the brain, the heart, contains the highest concentration of magnesium in the body. But the body also needs magnesium for strong bones and teeth. Calcium is known as important for strong bones and teeth, but the magnesium concentration is highest in the bones and teeth, 60 to 65 percent. If insufficient amounts of magnesium are present, calcium cannot deposit in the hard tissues and the structure is not solid.
Magnesium the regular cousin for hormone complaints and PMS

In women suffering from premenstrual syndrome (PMS), the magnesium concentration in the red blood cell (erythrocytes) is often lower than normal, despite normal plasma and serum levels. Magnesium deficiency can lower dopamine levels in the brain. Excessive estrogen levels, such as may occur in some women with PMS during the final phase before the menstrual cycle (luteal phase) of the cycle, decrease dopamine levels in the nervous system, resulting in reduced stress tolerance and mood swings. Use of magnesium is recommended.

You do not always feel like or have time to take supplements, but you do notice that you can use extra magnesium. For example, because you have a busy life, have difficulty relaxing or suffer from stuck muscles and occasionally such an annoying vibrating eyelid muscle ... recognizable?
Magnesium is one of the minerals that is effectively absorbed by the skin. And that's good news, because then you don't have to swallow it to supplement your deficits! Simply take a bath and / or foot bath with Himalayan Magnesium Flakes.

Magnesium relaxes the eyes

Magnesium is a mineral in your body that provides relaxation. Together with water and oxygen, these are the three essential nutrients. A magnesium deficiency causes tension and can sometimes be an important reason why you don't see well. Healthy eyes have smooth, relaxed muscles. If you see poorly, there is tension in the eye muscles. If there is enough magnesium in the body, body and mind work from relaxation, instead of tension and stress. Studies show that 75% to 95% of people are deficient in magnesium.
The eyes, brains and heart contain the most magnesium.




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