Himalayan Salt Block 30x20x3,8cm

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100% natural & unrefined. Himalayan Salt Tile for culinary purposes, gives a subtle taste to all your dishes. Read more
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L:30 x B:20 x D:3,8cm

(=L:11,8 x W:7,87 x H:1,45 inches)


Give a unique touch to the presentation of dishes! The Himalayan Salt Tile from NATURAL BIO STORE Finest Selection comes directly from the salt mines in the Pakistani Himalayan area. This stone is extracted from Halite (crystallized Himalayan Salt) and is a 100% natural and unrefined product with a beautiful pink marbled color.

The well known Himalayan Salt Lamp is also crafted of this crystallized Himalayan Salt.


The Himalayan Salt tile is very versatile and can be used in various ways to lightly salt all your dishes! The Himalayan Salt Tile gives all your preparations a lightly salted touch and ensures that less salt is used than if you would add your own preparations.

Due to the presence of the many minerals this gives your dishes a much more complex taste than salt alone! This salt taste is very refined and very friendly for your taste buds. Because you prepare your dish directly on the Salt Block, the salts and minerals from the Salt Tile give a spicy taste to your dish, with moist foods the tile will give a little more flavor than with drier ingredients.

This unique way of spicing is also very healthy, because the Himalayan Salt Block contains more than 80 minerals and trace elements that make a positive contribution to health such as: iron, calcium, sodium, magnesium and much more. It's the iron that provides the typical pink color of the salt tile and Pink Himalayan Salt.





  • Length: 30cm (=11,8 inches)
  • Width: 20cm (=7,87 inches)
  • Height: 3.8cm (=1,45 inches)
  • Weight: about 4.9 kilograms (=10,8 lb)





The Himalayan Salt Tile is suitable for the barbecue, oven and gas fire, or just to keep food or desserts cool or warm longer.

A Himalayan Salt Block can be used in many different ways, since it has the special property of keeping temperatures long; the possibilities of the salt stone are virtually endless!


  • 100% Natural and unrefined.


  • Rich in minerals and trace elements.


  • Suitable for cooling and warming dishes.


  • Can easily tolerate temperatures up to 350 °C.





Use the Himalayan Salt Tile on the barbecue, the gas stove or in the oven for the
hot preparations such as meat, fish and vegetables. This tile is also ideal as a cold substrate for presenting starters, sushi, salads, vegetables, cheese, fruit, ice cream and desserts.

You can comfortably dine with guests by using the Himalayan Salt Tile as an alternative to a stone grill; This way you can choose how you want the dishes. This Himalayan Salt Tile also gives a very original touch to the presentation of your dishes!


  • For cold dishes:
    Place the Himalayan Salt Tile in the freezer for about 30 to 60 minutes and use it as a serving plate for sushi, fruit and desserts.


  • To keep dishes warm:
    Heat the Himalayan Salt Tile in an oven at 60 °C for 30 minutes. When the stone comes out of the oven you can put all pre-fried, previously cooked or hot dishes on the salt stone to serve while the food stays at temperature.


  • To cook on the table:
    Preheat the oven to 170 ° C and place the tile in the oven on the grid. Let the salt stone heat up for about 15 minutes and then increase the temperature to 250 °C and leave the stone for another hour in the oven to be able to bake & roast at the table.


  • To roast directly in the oven:
    Do you want something baking or roasting in the oven? Let the dish roast directly on the stone for about 30 minutes at a temperature no higher than 170 °C.


  • Cooking on gas fire:
    Place the salt tile in an anti-stick pan or directly on the flame. Use only on a small flame and preferably with a flame distributor.


  • On the barbecue:
    Provide a barbecue with at least 2 heat zones: a zone with a lot of heat and a zone with average heat. Warm the salt tile indirectly in the coldest zone for the first 15 minutes. Then you always move it closer to the hot zone. The Himalayan Salt Tile is hot enough when you throw a drop of water on it and it starts to simmer immediately.


The salt tiles can be used until they run out or break. It may be that the stone is discolored a little over time, but this has no negative consequences for the use of the stone. A salt block will last 20 times during normal use on the barbecue, a lot longer in cold use.





When used at higher temperatures (+ 170 °C) it is advisable to gradually heat up the salt tile and gradually increase the temperature to prevent any cracks. Allow the stone to heat up for about 15 minutes at approximately 170 °C to prevent premature cracking.





The Himalayan Salt Tile can easily be cleaned by sanding with a scouring pad and cold water (possibly with sodium bicarbonate) and rinsing thoroughly to remove all residues. Then dry with a clean cloth.

It is very important to keep the Himalayan Salt Tile in a dry, dark place. It is even advisable to wrap it in a clean dry cloth!






Youtube Himalayan Salt Block

All NATURAL BIO STORE Finest Selection products are European certified products, found safe and ready for use and consumption!





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